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"Bud" (short for "buddy") pronounced with a Martimes (Canada) accent, and used excessively. Often stretched out, resulting in "baaaahhhhhhhd."
Oh hey there bahd, how you doin' there, bahd?

Bahd, tell me about it, bahd.

Bahd, they got sauce, bahd. They got cheese, bahd. Bahd, they even got crust, bahd.
by Your Best Bahd November 23, 2012
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Really, encredibly bad, like the Tsunami of December 2004.
There was a bahd car pile-up on the way to work this morning.
by Russ Strathdee January 03, 2005
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instead of saying bud or buddy, the person says bud in an attempt to be cool and fit in.

Later on they will realize they are being a huge faggot and are not cool at all and essentially them trying to be cool made many people resent them and think they were a huge deuche bag and thought they were trying to be cool. please never say bahd
yo bahd, good call bahd, ye bahd
by daniel fisher January 27, 2013
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