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When something/someone is deemed to be both fantastic and cool at the same time, it can be described as bagus.
That was one bagus cookie.
by Theodore! September 04, 2010
Something or someone hairy
That guy is a bagus.
He is rather bagus.
Have you seen a bagus?
What is that bagus doing?
by girlak April 15, 2011
Like "bogus" but pronounced with an "ah" sound. Intended to mean something fucked up or lame.

Can also be shortened to "bog" to describe a boring or lame place.
"Dude... I got the clap from that stripper."
"Damn man... that shit's bagus"

"You wanna come to my apartment? I just got new futans."
"Naw dude... your place is a bog."
by lostonmidnightsattelites August 26, 2008
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