An Spanish instrument of torture which caught on in Scotland. The torturer dresses up in a ceremonial skirt and a puts on the hat made out of womens beaver hairs.
Then a small kitten is inserted into a tartan coloured bag and squeezed to death while the torturer blows air into the bag so we hear the amplified screams of the kitten
Gordon, will ya load up the bag pipes with 4 or 5 kittens and I'll show ye a new party trick - I made up a tune called "Amazing Grace"
by dick the perv January 31, 2008
Top Definition
An instrument composed of a bag and pipes. The player blows air into the bag and it comve out of the pipes. Notes are changed by covering the holes of a pipe that is under the bag.
The bagpipe is the traditional instrument of the Edinburgh crips in Scotland which are part of the G-crips organization. The Edinburgh crips usually have a bagpiper present at their ceremonies and one usually lead them into battle in gang fights against rival gangs in Edinburgh.
The music of a bag pipe is inspiring to Scottish people and rather repulsive to everyone else hence it is the ideal instrument to take into combat if you are Scottish because it will boost your morale and lower that of the enemy thus you will most likely be the victor of the conflict.
The Edinburgh crips owe most thier conquests over rival gangs to the bagpipes.
Reginald:Those bagpipes are quite repulsive.

Rupert:We wont be able to kick their arse if they have the lad with the pipes over there.

Reginald:God save Hanover.
by Ron Cassinger October 01, 2005
A musical instrument originating in eastern Europe, but is usually thought to have originated in Scotland. It consists of a sack, three drones, a blowpipe, and a chanter. It has a wonderful, melodious sound, and anybody who disagrees can go shove their guitars, flutes, and pianos up their smelly, oversized asses. People who play and/or like the bagpipes tend to be popular, good-looking, cool, athletic, smart, and have active sex lives, and people who don't like the bagpipes tend to be ugly, mentally deficient social outcasts who spend their time playing D&D and masturbating to pictures of their mothers.
I play the bagpipes. 'Nuff said.
by anonymous bagpiper May 02, 2006
the punkest instrument known to man.
the dropkick murphys play bagpipes. check it.
by pais May 17, 2007
To have sex by using the armpit of another person for stimulation of the penis until orgasm. The term makes reference to the Irish and Scottish musical instruments of the same name: bagpipes have an airbag that is inflated by the performer, held under the arm, and squeezed. This term is heard most often among gays, but the act can be performed by hetero- or homosexuals.
"I humped my partner's armpit until I came, what we call a bagpipe."
by El Roberto June 26, 2005
Screwing a chick in her arm pit. Similar to a titty fuck.
Damn I wish she had done a better job of shaving before I bag piped her.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
To use the armpit for sexual gratification.
by RaulDuke April 11, 2003
A musical instrument given to the Scottish by the Irish. The Scottish, unaware that the Irish had played a cruel joke on them, have continued to play the bagpipes.
Why do bagpipe players always march? They are trying to get away from the sound.
by Ollie the Dog January 01, 2004

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