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John Lennon and Yoko Ono's concept of a peaceful world.
If everyone wore a bag over them there wouldn't be anything to hate about them.
John : What’s Bagism? It’s like...a tag for what we all do, we’re all in a bag ya know, and we realised that we came from two bags, I was in this pop bag going round and round in my little clique, and she was in her little avant-garde clique going round and round, and you’re in your little tele clique and they’re in their...ya know? and we all sort of come out and look at each other every now and then, but we don’t communicate. And we all intellectualize about how there is no barrier between art, music, poetry... but we’re still all - I’m a rock and roller, he’s a poet... so we just came up with the word so you would ask us what bagism is, and we’d say WE’RE ALL IN A BAG BABY!
by wwacker September 11, 2005
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A world where no one looks at your lifestyle, the color of your skin, or your gender to judge you, just like if everyone was covered with a bag.
John Lennon Started Bagism
by William Rutledge April 02, 2006

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