To "bag," or "bagging". To crack jokes by insulting someone or their mother. I believe this is West Coast oriented, as I grew up in Los Angeles hearing this term, but in the military I met people from other regions of the nation who never heard this. But people from California knew what "bagging" meant. Most called it "jone-ing". See dozens, dirty dozens, jone.
Oh, you wanna bag? Yo momma so fat, she's on both sides of the family!
by Theo Huxtable May 08, 2004
To kill, as in put someone in a body bag.
Yo, I just bagged that mofo.
by Patrick November 06, 2003
A plastic sachet bag or sappy, used for storing all types of drug's. Can fit about 4-5g of weed.
To bag someone, is to bad mouth them.
"You got any baggie's on you?"
"Let's go get a weed bag."
"You've been bagging that cunt heaps lately."
by Diego July 29, 2003
(verb) to place a bag over someone's head as you have sex with him/her.
Usually used when the person has a nice body, but has an ugly face. Or if you just want to be mean/kinky.
John: Hey check that girl out! Daaaayum that's a nice bod.

Colin: Sure, but have you seen her face? Fugly as hell.

John: OH SNAP, you're right! I'd bag that.
by Shremco February 19, 2011
An item Aldi's is too cheap to give out.
I went to Aldi's and asked for a BAG and they charged one dollar.
by Zack Hudson December 30, 2010
Short for Bad Ass Gangster/Gangsta.

One who has rebelled against the rules of a community or facility, or has argued about the purpose of a rule.

One who has a tendency to take things to the extreme.

One who displays fearlessness when encountering snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlers. (large nuts)

One who will act abnormal for shock and aww to prove a point.
Dude, did you see Jeremy pick up that camel spider, he is a true bag.

Hey, I can't believe that Bag Borat just said that.

I can tell she is a Bag because she just heard about that religion yesterday and now she is the most devoted member.
by Lamblizzle Da Original July 13, 2010
Pronunciation: \ˈbag also ˈbāg\, ˈb...ā...g
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle Queens, NYC {Sam AKA 'nickel BAG'}
Date: 21st century
1: a Big Asian Guy
Yo...10¢ BAG in da house!
by Limster December 05, 2008

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