As is 'ass bag'. One of a group of friends that does no work when hitting on women, then sneaks in behind your back to steal her while you are getting a drink, going to the bathroom, etc. 'The bag' uses all means at his disposal to hate on you, as his actions are more out of sport and spite then scoring.
Mick - "Hey where did that girl I was hiting on go?... And where is Andy?"

Colin - "They're both upstairs. What do you expect, he is a bag."
#hater #player hater #ass bag #ass hat #hat
by Joe from Kokomo April 27, 2006
Anything and everything nasty, slutish, and skanky!

Made up by;
Heather n Irma
The DBT's!
That bitch is a bag.
#hoe #slut #skank #hoebag #whore
by heatner N irma December 09, 2005
To pimp someone
a booty call
I bagged this sexy girl last night
by Sweety_Pie_Baby September 20, 2005
a bag iz anotha word fo condom
i used a bag when i fucked dat ho
by Jorge321 May 13, 2005
laughing so hard one would bust a gut
dude, that was hella funny i nearly bag!
by sushi February 18, 2005
To kill, as in put someone in a body bag.
Yo, I just bagged that mofo.
by Patrick November 06, 2003
A plastic sachet bag or sappy, used for storing all types of drug's. Can fit about 4-5g of weed.
To bag someone, is to bad mouth them.
"You got any baggie's on you?"
"Let's go get a weed bag."
"You've been bagging that cunt heaps lately."
by Diego July 29, 2003
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