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term used to describe an extreme hangover or other state of ill health.
" how was last night?"
" it was crazy, but i feel like a bag of smashed assholes today."
by ffejtable December 11, 2006
how one feels after a night of too much booze and dope, and too little sleep
"i woke up in a ditch, and i want to puke, i pretty much feel like a bag of smashed assholes"
by khole March 28, 2006
a very ugly person can be described as the following
he looked like a bag of smashed assholes
by Fred Nichols January 02, 2004
Used to describe a very foul smell. Usually that emits from the gluteus maximus (buttocks). Equivalent to what a tipped over port-o-pottie smells like.
Damn, Paul just farted! That smells like a Bag of Smashed Assholes.
by pstage May 14, 2008

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