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Highly respected Australian gentleman, known for his great leadership and hard partying.
The Baer honored us with his presence.
by Joe Bloggs August 27, 2003
A big greasy german guy, who loves drinking beer and sleeping in until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Often is a big moocher and bums cigarettes from all of his friends and barges in others rooms to smoke his ciggs. and leave his lingering presence!
Damn that Baer is a son of a bitch, he smoked all my ciggs. and drank all my juice!
by Godfather55 February 06, 2008
A girl resembling a bear, usually with the attributes of extra pubic hair.
Dude, when I started eating out Jessica, I saw that she was a total Baer

Yeah man, I could've guessed that by her bear resemblence
by Zach Siegel November 17, 2008
Baer, more commonly known as the durrie king, is rarely seen outside his natural habitat of Hampton. Prone to fits of drinking and late night wandering of street walking, Baer can be an unpredictable character.
Eh Baer, pass the durries.

Eh Baer, i'll give you a doller if you ( insert here )
by Big Trav December 20, 2003
A cute fuzzy creature often found ambling or scampering in the forest. Found primarily in dens and known to possess the 'pinkish hue'. Not the best of company when hungry. Prone to 'cabin fever' and should be walked immediately if this is the case. Fond of 'lerens' suffix.
My my Baer your volleyball serves are much improved.
by David Attenborough October 11, 2003
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