A skilled warrior tribe in the Middle of Cambodia, made up of canibals, black men, and stop and shop employees. known to sing such songs as smoke on the water, purple haze and show up at pearl jam concerts in either buffalo New York or Worcester Massachusetts with signs that say need tickets to pearl jam, they worship Karl Cassel, and love the episode ofWho's the Boss? where Tony sees Angela naked in the shower, they usually smell like double dutch butt crack and smoke weed while collecting recyclable objects at school lunches, sometimes short fat chodes that try to be athletic but usually skinny
Alex: nicknack paddy wack give a dog a bone you damn Badunkadunk

Nick Sherm: 149 Wachu Street Booty
by StanNats44 June 05, 2009
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a dick-bouncin, dynamic booty, that defies the laws of physics and reminds men why we wanna be dogs or an urban term used to define approval of the voluptuous curvature of a feminie rump.
We snapped our necks 'round, lost the beat of the funk, and laid our eyes upon Maryjane's beautiful badunkadunk.
by William Speare March 17, 2003
A bangin' ghetto booty.
"Check dat badunkadunk."
by Diego August 29, 2003
The posterior of the female anatomy when concerning the homosapien species. In which the diameter of the said posterior is not to exceed 50 inches but not to go below 40 inches. Equally as important the owner of the badunkadunk must possess a waist line no larger than 2/3 the diameter of the badunkadunk.
Noun: She has a nice badunkadunk
Verb: Her ass seems to be badunkadunking
by the wise black men January 14, 2004
A female booty which is extremely large in comparison to her body, yet, observed by males as round, full, and sexy.
1. Apple Bottoms
2. Jennifer Lopez
by JamieLynn August 01, 2005
if you slap a girl's ass and it jiggles anywhere from 2- seconds, its a ba-dunk-adunk
honey baby, you have a ba-dunk-adunk
by nicole June 04, 2004
a round, plump incenibly juicy derrierre so phat that it jiggles more than a cup of jello puddin around Bill Cosby
a badunkadunk is a butt that loves to jiggle/ at the drop of a hat it starts to wiggle/ i love w vida guerra's ass a lot not just a little/
by Sinista February 24, 2005
an noun describing the large size of one's "ghetto booty"; junk in da trunk
check out dat hoe's badunkadunk
by daniel March 20, 2004
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