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totally bad
totally wrong
the worst thing ever
killing is badong.
That song is badong.
by madturn May 25, 2005
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FUCKING SHIT and that has to be all caps in order to use the word. So if someone asks you what Badong means say it means (while shouting) FUCKING SHIT!!!
dude i was at mikes house and it smelt like BADONG!!!! what badong mean mark well mark badong means FUCKING SHIT
by Threat93 February 23, 2010
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The clash of the two words "Bad" and "Wrong"
Dude you can totally see that guys crack.... that's just badong.
by scarletts mommy February 03, 2010
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adjective that classifys something as bad and rong at the same time
Killing is bad and rong, Killing is badong
by andrew bornemann March 17, 2005
2 6
Great, fantastic, delicious.
"I got with Mario's hot sister.
-That's badong."
by Ray Serrano March 15, 2005
1 8
Bad and wrong, adj. Bad/wrong..aweful
Billy's erectile disfunction put him in a situation of ba-dong feelings and pipe dreams.
by Ben Dover January 25, 2003
7 16