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The distressed state of a badger when disturbed; the emotional state a dedicated performer will try to emote to the audience when taking on the role of an unhinged badger.
Laurie: Oh my god, I was in the woods the other day and this psychotic badger went nuts at me.
John Douglas: Yeah I was there too, but was just too scared to help.
Dave: God Laurie what did you do?
Laurie: I just jumped on the mofo, it was so badgitated I had to something to calm the beast.

Mandy: Cruise we need you to be a badger in this little game we’re putting on.
Cruise: Ok I’m in, but what’s my motivation?
Mandy: You are an agitated badger.
Cruise: Badgitated, I can do that.
by Tee Elle See April 12, 2011