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Something that is of badass status. Usually used in place of coolnessand the like.
Did you see that pride fight last night? This dude had his arm broken before he got knocked the fuck out, pure badassary!
by Shweetbox August 02, 2005
Valentine, Exodar (PVE)
Player1: Dude, do you know anyone who can really own this place up?
Player2: Valentine duh, hes the center of badassary.
Player1: Oh yeah! True dat, Ret Paladins FTW
by Simply Shane May 19, 2008
Anything pertaining to, or that is badass. All things badass.
"Jim showed true badassary when he scored with that model last night".

"Chuck Norris is legendary for his badassary".
by the crazy mofo October 18, 2010
Doing the baddest of bad ass things any person can do ; doing something so outragous.
Oh , he just ran into that drug store with a ski mask on ! Thats so badassary !
by YOfriend :) November 26, 2010
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