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A term popular in the African-American community; the typical hair of those of African decent. It is extremely curly/wavy and described as "nappy" and "kinky." It is unmanagable, and is the opposite of good hair. Someone has "bad" hair if it forms tight "beads" in the back of the head. Those with this type of hair typically dye and fry it with chemicals to get it to look like a white woman's hair.

Note: Most people who use this term would never admit the inferiority complex from which it came.
Little Tymunesha On Playground: "Eww! Look at Porche! She got dat ugly bad hair!!! An' her momma dun gave her a name of a car she can't affor'!"
by Little Lauren May 17, 2005
Donald Trump
Donald Trump has bad hair, looks like cum dried out in the sun, then ironed, then used as toilet paper
by Romeo 69 August 06, 2016
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