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Popcorn popped in bacon fat.
Holly: Do you want some popcorn?
Chris: I'll do you one better! Let's take this bacon fat and pop up some bacorn!
by Chris.G November 02, 2010
Garbage or crap. Something that you can't get rid of, but it's such a pain in the rear or eyesore.
1. Can you believe their dog took a bacorn in our yard?

2. There's junk everywhere. This place must have a bacorn in it.
by rontanner July 23, 2011
(v.) inhale or swallow without chewing or tasting.
That bitch totally bacorned me last night.
He bacorned that sandwich.
That tiger bacorned the pegasus dawg.
After my boy serbed that ho, she totally bacorned him. What a slut!
by Sasa Z. August 31, 2006

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