slang for the posterior portion of the human body; substitutes for "bum", "butt", and "ass"
That man has a huge backyard; his tailor must be rich!
by Jeff July 24, 2003
Top Definition
An enclosed area of land usu. near a building - related to garden, courtyart, yard, etc.
Girl 1: Anyone for a game of cricket in the backyard?
Girl 2: Yeah, sounds good.

Man 1: We should build a higher fence, the neighbours can see into our backyard.
Woman 2: Yes, but at least the garden looks good.
by Flash Ash January 02, 2006
Part of the anatomy below the back and above the legs, the ASS.
Mary Ann has a bangin back yard.
by Scott Freah September 22, 2006
a show thrown in the backyard of somebody's house. ska backyard's are always the best

undergroud bands
cheap entrance(approx. $3)
freedom to drink, smoke and blaze
party atmosphere

shitty bands
disorganized line ups
fights and drama
raided by cops
cold temp.
Dude: what's going down tonight?

Fuzz: Lets hit up that Backyard in Fontana. ONK's in town.

Dude: Tight. Lets get a sack, some 40s and hit up the homies.

Fuzz: Hell yeah. Time to get fucked and skank it up
by Fuzzy-ska October 12, 2008
A game of cricket on the lawn at one's house, or similar location.
During summer we always went outside and played a backyard with a tennis ball.
by Bloopy December 23, 2005
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