noun; another name for a message board troll.
backwardsmen are typically NRA members that enjoy name-calling, pointing out when people are being "cry babies", bashing Macintosh products, reminding people what the 2nd amendment is for and generally disagreeing with the entire message board.
backwardsmen can be spotted hosting NRA-only BBQs and spouting love for "the Nuge".
although a backwardsman may have a cool avatar, please remember that the "coolness" ends at the avatar.
1. if all i have to do is flash a piece at backwardsman's house to get a plateful of pork, i'll pack some heat.
2. i agree with backwardsman, NRA members need big guns to help them forget about how small their dicks are and how ugly their wives are.
3. wow! macintosh just released a mouse with two buttons! backwardsman spoke, apple listened!
by donewaiter October 30, 2005
Top Definition
a character created by comic genius, Tom Green for the award winning film "Freddy got Fingered". Arguably one of the best films of our time featuring Tom Green as backwardsman. Also this film includes such memorable moments as Tom Green masturbating a horse, and who could forget the song from the hit soundtrack "daddy would you like some sausage"
I'm the backwardsman the backwardsman the backwardsman.
by jrump May 14, 2006
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