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Historically known as an artist's haven, Washington Beach is the north campus area of Columbus, Ohio. Once designated as SoHu (because the area lies south of Hudson Avenue), the vast majority of Washington Beach real estate is comprised of rental property. The large student population in the area is generally less rowdy than what may be found a little further south. Parking can at times be a pain, however the Beach does not require parking permits or meter maids. Famous for its crime as well as its artistic residents, Washington Beach has also been referred to as the Vertical Slum.
The origin of the Washington Beach moniker supposedly stems from the Grand Theft Auto video game. As legend has it... in the spring of 2003, Mike Carney and his roomate were joking about north campus. They were playing Grand Theft Auto a lot and started calling the hood, Washington Beach. This title was intended to bring pride to the citizens that live in north campus that have nothing to do with The Ohio State University, mostly kids not in school or attending CCAD.
Geographically speaking, the boundaries of Washington Beach are Hudson Avenue to the north, Patterson to the south, Summit Street to the east, and High Street to the west.
Subsidaries of Washington Beach include Baja Clintonville, Washington Grove, Washington Heights, and Washington Flats.
Bands hailing from Washington Beach include 84 Nash, Tree Of Snakes, The Jive Turkeys, Times New Viking, Necropolis, Night of Pleasure and (little) neon wilderness.
Famous sites within Washington Beach include The Dube, Bourbon Street, Taco Ninja, Inglesia de la Playa, Columbus Discount Records and The Spot.
1. Rumour has it that the last two "Neighborhood" songs on Arcade Fire's "Funeral" are about Washington Beach.
2. If you walk around Washington Beach on a sunny day you can hear a band practice on every street corner, find enough furniture in the alleys for an Upper Arlington mansion, and see at least one local celebrity.
3. If Washington Beach were a foosball player, he would dominate the tour unmercifully with a display of brutal offensive violations. He would spank his competition with geometrically calculated moves like the "Jahlalabad" (which involves banking the ball off your opponent's dome) and the crowd-pleasing closer the "Sodomizer".
4. I used to live in Washington Beach, but it wasn't a cool neighborhood then, it was a bunch of wack-ass people. from the racist, drunk-ass, coked-up, gun-stealing rednecks next door to the makeshift orphanage on the corner, it was generally fuckin shitty.
by donewaiter October 30, 2005
noun; an award winning haircut.
the ferndangle beat the rock mullet nouveau and the jewel-cut, winning a Burglar in this year's CDAs.
by donewaiter October 30, 2005
noun; a rebelprez is a person that trolls a message board with accusations, complaints and incompetent allegations. after a ludicrous first post, the rebelprez typically continues to embarrass themselves with dim-witted spelling and grammatical errors. next, the rebelprez will claim that they want to be friends with everyone on the board. eventually, the rebelprez will be laughed off of the message board.
(a rebelprez may also be referred to as a redtrigger)
1. rebelprez, you are an annoying little twit.
2. rebelprez got the innanets goin knuts
3. first rebelprez calls us elitist, apathetic, scoffish, clanish, self-absorbed, and fucking selfish... but now wants to be our friend?! WTF?! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
by donewaiter October 30, 2005
noun; another name for a message board troll.
backwardsmen are typically NRA members that enjoy name-calling, pointing out when people are being "cry babies", bashing Macintosh products, reminding people what the 2nd amendment is for and generally disagreeing with the entire message board.
backwardsmen can be spotted hosting NRA-only BBQs and spouting love for "the Nuge".
although a backwardsman may have a cool avatar, please remember that the "coolness" ends at the avatar.
1. if all i have to do is flash a piece at backwardsman's house to get a plateful of pork, i'll pack some heat.
2. i agree with backwardsman, NRA members need big guns to help them forget about how small their dicks are and how ugly their wives are.
3. wow! macintosh just released a mouse with two buttons! backwardsman spoke, apple listened!
by donewaiter October 30, 2005
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