Crazy, something that just ain't right
Seeing a naked, white girl at Hibachi was backward, nig!
by Butt Attack September 20, 2009
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noitinifed siht
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 30, 2010
A word used, usually by fools, to tell people they disagree with them
You must be backwards if you don't think like me
by Backwards February 01, 2004
retarded, stupid, ignorant
I think that kid is a little backward
by doyle ross January 11, 2007
A dance in which the girls ask the guys.
"Jeremiah, will you go to backwards with me?"
by lucy March 02, 2005
n. A state or condition of being extremely muh fuggin pissed off, as when wondering aloud what the hell is wrong with that dressing room 'cause that shit is lookin' smalla than a decimal.
"You just wanna see a nigga backwards, don't you?" - Swift of D12, "My Band"
by John June 24, 2004
Title of the Red Dwarf TV series reverse pub fight.
\"This isnt a bar room brawl, its a bar room tidy... UN-RUMBLE!!!\"
by Triple J April 26, 2005

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