Title of the Red Dwarf TV series reverse pub fight.
\"This isnt a bar room brawl, its a bar room tidy... UN-RUMBLE!!!\"
by Triple J April 26, 2005
retarded, stupid, ignorant
I think that kid is a little backward
by doyle ross January 11, 2007
A word used, usually by fools, to tell people they disagree with them
You must be backwards if you don't think like me
by Backwards February 01, 2004
An insult originating from the white van men of the North West of England, primarily Blackburn, meaning you're not quite right in the head, and possibly work backwards. Usually used when someone is doing something completely wrong, and it seems as though their brain works backwards.
"What the fuck are you doing it like that for ya fucking backward"

"No ya use it like this ya fucking backward"
by Smegmarash October 13, 2014
Crazy, something that just ain't right
Seeing a naked, white girl at Hibachi was backward, nig!
by Butt Attack September 20, 2009
A dance in which the girls ask the guys.
"Jeremiah, will you go to backwards with me?"
by lucy March 02, 2005
n. A state or condition of being extremely muh fuggin pissed off, as when wondering aloud what the hell is wrong with that dressing room 'cause that shit is lookin' smalla than a decimal.
"You just wanna see a nigga backwards, don't you?" - Swift of D12, "My Band"
by John June 24, 2004
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