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A name given to those who have an inward dick.
Hey Backwang! Come here!
by ShervinX June 21, 2007
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A swearing asexual person who flicks off everyone in sight.
That backwang flicked me off!
by Backwang November 16, 2006
Backwang/Back Wang:
Student slang localised in Ireland. Two primary meanings:
1, The Coccyx (or Tail Bone), a bone at the end of the spine composed of fused vertebrae.
2, Someone who is absurdly or singularily socially incompetent.
1, 'I fell and hurt my back wang'
'I can feel your back wang'
2, 'Keep the jelly in the bowl you backwang!'
'Stop biting me backwang!'
by Kaiser Sma March 22, 2005

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