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The act or acting of trying to cut someone off, either verbally or physically. Making someone feel uncomfortable or uneasy while eating a freshly ripened banana. Also see: stashing
I was walking down the street with my friend, when he walked in front of me and cut me off when talking to him, he double backstashed me.

I couldn't enjoy my banana because the turtle was backstashing me.
by Dylan Geremia February 04, 2008
The hair that grows on the lower back, directly above the bum. Typically on a man. Sort of the male version of the tramp stamp.
Dude, check out that plumber's backstash
by LaughingSpoon November 30, 2010
A womens ghetto booty, a big junk in the trunk, its her stash out back.....
"That girls got hella back stash on her"

"Damn baby, I like your back stash"
by daneausox1912 February 28, 2012

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