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The act of resurfacing old, embarassing, teen angst selfies, pictures, and statuses of people on Facebook by commenting on their timeline content from years before. The act of backstalking pulls old content to the newsfeed for enjoyment in the present. The best way to formulate a backstalk comment is to sarcastically act as if the status is from the present when clearly it is not and mimic the tone of the status or picture.
Comment in the present: hey is rockathon going on?

*Status from 2008*: Jst got my permit omgg!
Comment in the present: Can you give me a ride to Rockathon?

*Status from 2009*: Some ppl jst need to grow up... u kno who u r. Goin to bed now, txxt.
Comment in present: omg u ok? txting now
by Clobby December 04, 2013
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following the car behind you by watching their directional to see what way they will turn. makes people think they are following you. definitely entertaining when you're bored and driving around.
i was back-stalking that car until they figured it out and pulled over.
by emac March 18, 2007

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