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The ninth Pearl Jam album released in 2009 where Pearl Jam actually sounds happy.
Dude! Have you heard the album 'Backspacer' by Pearl Jam?!

Yeah man! It's weird...they're happy...what the fuck?! But's good!
by jonnigga September 18, 2009
When IMing with someone, you notice in the status bar that the person is typing, but after a minute only replies with LOL! This may be done because the typer starts a thought but doesn't want to get into it.
me: ...Minas Tirith is the castle at Gondor
drew: *yawn hehe
me: wha!?
drew...after typing for 2 full minutes: lol
me: Backspacer!
drew: bah!
by tommykat December 29, 2005
those gay people who write shit in msn for hours and then they don't say anything and it pisses me off, and other people too.
everyone waits for ages for marcus to finish typing, then he types nothing!! wat a backspacer!!!!!
by gc_stripped October 10, 2004
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