Rap, whose market is primarily white, young, and of affluent parents.

Most fans might prefer this rap to more hardcore, gangsta rap because it seems to be conscious of social issues, and ignores popular mainstream topics (such as blunts, 40s, and bitches).

What most fans fail to realize is that this rap will most likely never go down in history. The true innovators in rap are appreciated by the masses, because they made a difference.

These men include Biggie, Tupac, The Wu-Tang Clan, and early Nas.

These men transcended the stupid backpack that antagonizes their words, and the legacy they left behind. The told stories, used unique musical inflections, and showed people the many sides and complexities of the hood, and the people within it.

Backpack rappers often justify their music with overly artsy beats, and flows that just...well, aren't happening...at least not nearly on the level of those mentioned above.

Biggie is the modern day Beethoven -> narrating almost as a third person observer. a dual character...like tupac

ODB is like T.Monk, Stravinsky or even Jackson Pollack. He destroys boundaries with a pseudo-operatic style, all the while being aware of the lines he is crossing.

Read about these men...and their backgrounds.

I'm going to shut up now...Backpack rapping often seeks to rebel for rebellion's sake. It is most often very cheesy, and few, if any backpack rappers will go down in history.
1.Inexperienced, overly-cerebral kid: This beat is so tight..check it (turns up music)

Hood gansta he shouldn't be hanging out with: Yea aiggght...(rat-ta-tat-tat blau blau!!!)

(dude who shot the kid doesn't know about the term backpack...but hears simply unexciting bullshit)

2. Kid 1: Check this verse...

Girl he is trying to impress: oh...that's so cool!! (yawn)

Kid 2: Too artsy for me man...this backpack shit gets old.
by Ronnie Fidro October 12, 2009
Top Definition
describes socially conscious and/or underground hip hop
the new talib kweli is a party album but he's still backpack at heart.
by daniel December 02, 2004
A form of hip-hop music that is socially conscious. Emphasis is placed upon the lyrics and beat production, usually inspired by the world around the producer/rapper. Few artists adopt the style for fear of being seen as nerdy, but it is far from that.
Common, Kanye West and Talib Kweli all make backpack rap.
by RENEGATUS DOT COM August 22, 2005
when a girl has a huge ass
she got a back pack, and a lunch pale too!
by hottie23_94 July 08, 2009
Fabric container generally used to carry books that is positioned on the back
"Are you going to take your backpack on the field trip?"
by hawk May 29, 2003
To backpack a team in videogames or sports.
Dude, he pretty much backpacked the team." "Dora taught me how to backpack ;)
by Capn AwmNawms March 14, 2011
(n) A man or woman who constantly follows in the footsteps of their significant other, date, or dancing partner.
ex.: Sammi:Ronnie :: Backpack:Backpack host. "I couldn't shake her in the club last night, she was playing my backpack the whole time!"
by Jackie Gee January 13, 2011
A contributing factor to the growth of back pains. To help with the stress of all students this was invented to give teachers the excuse to load you with every book they want. Weight limits should be an obtainable thing.
Are you going on a vacation? Or to study?

A backpack should be and item to carry when camping.
by ThePerplexingH May 08, 2015
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