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Someone who has muscles on their back (naturally or by flexing).

The look of having triceps and biceps on your back muscles.
girl 1: whoooa, check out that hottie!
girl 2: Daaaang gurl, that boy's got a kickass backpack

boy 1: Yo, check out my backpack!
girl 1: sigh, i wish my boyfriend carried a backpack like yours...
by RRELLO February 18, 2010
13 17
Hipster rap.
Hey, Joe. Did you hear that new rap song by Lil' Fo'Sheezy?

Fuck, no. You non-artistic cunt. Only People who hate music would listen to that mainstream bullshit. I only listen to backpack rap.
by FagginBlagginBloodleDoodle October 13, 2009
21 31
Dora's knapsack from the kids show Dora the Explorer. Backpack is another of the inanimate, yet talking objects from the beloved children's show. Backpack is evidently very efficient for Dora, because she carries her drugs in there.
...I'm the Backpack loaded up with things and knick-knacks too, anything that you might need, I've got inside for you...Backpack, backpack...yay!
by Leiko October 07, 2004
59 77
(n) A person that contributes nothing but an overall dour disposition. Typically univited, but tolerated out of a sense of pity.
Dude, that Chris guy is becoming a real backpack! He just shows up and waits for us to entertain his sorry ass.
by Vaness July 11, 2005
32 54
Guy code for referring to a girl under the age of eighteen. Can be either mentioned verbally or simply shown by making the motion of tugging on backpack straps on your shoulder.
That girl is hot, too bad she's a backpack.
by G. Sherman August 22, 2003
16 41
Halo; Exclamatory: Phrase uttered after sticking a plasma grenade to a foe. The quarry thus knows he is doomed.
I thought I'd won the firefight, but I got backpacked at the last second.
by Duke Greene April 29, 2004
5 34
When a guy is doing a fat chick in the stink and sticks sex toys in her fat rolls, acting as a backpack.
Jason: "Last night i totally backpacked Jenna."
Mike: "Yeeeeee!!"
Us: "WTF."
by dont faaackin worry about it February 09, 2008
9 39