A bribe.

To give someone something, normally money for a task without other knowing about it
I back handed that cop for busting me for possession
by Annihalation August 06, 2006
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(noun) 1. the side opposite to the palm of one's hand 2. a pimp slap with the backhand across a face especially a ho's

(verb) 1. to decisively pimp slap a ho across her face with a backhand 2. to angrily slap a ho across the face resulting from her low capital gains and rebelliousness
(noun) His backhand was freshly imprinted on the ho's complexion because she made just $5.

(verb) "Reverend Dollar" consciously backhanded his ho for reasons unbeknownst to her.
by TL November 20, 2003
Hit sum with the back of your hand, cracking your knuckles on thier head.
Shut up b4 i back hand u bitch
by Chonger donga April 20, 2005
using the back side of your hand to smack someone against their face.
I'm gonna back-hand you if you don't shut up!
by Amanda Knight April 29, 2006
1. (Noun) A racquet sport shot made with the back of your dominant hand facing the net. 1 or 2 handed.

2. (Verb) to preform such a shot in racquet sports.
1. Players with great backhands: Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Marat Safin, Richard Gasquet

2. Roger Federer backhanded an approach shot and later won the point with a jumping overhead smash.
by topspin101 December 19, 2012
When the whore dosen't give up the money the pimp will raise the right hand with his palm facing his face and slap the whore on the left cheek
Pimp: You better give me the rest of the money or ill give you the Back Hand!"
by Cobi♥ September 24, 2006
Only performed when you are really pissed off. Should be done to teachers that resemble horses. The point of impact should be near the adams apple.
John: I gave that HHH bitch a backhand to the throat.
Joe: It's whats for dinner!
Dave Chappelle: BYAAAH!
by M4x1mus May 15, 2007
To masturbate but instead of holding your dick with the pinky nearest to your body you have your thumb facing your body instead of your pinky
Guy: How do u masturbate?

Me: I backhand it is the new way of masturbating
by The3474gamer March 31, 2014

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