When you attempt to fart, but not enough effort is exerted so the gas bubble creeps or is suctioned back inside. You end up having to wait until it re-forms before being able to expel it.
A: DAMMIT, I got a bad case of backdraft!
Q: What happened?
A: I tried to fart but it crept back inside because I didn't force it hard enough. Now I'm all bloated and constipated-like.
#fart #air bubble #air #bubble #ass #gas #constipated
by Rosalie Dawson September 10, 2006
Top Definition
A fart in bed that is released prior to your parter getting under the covers. The gas from your fart is trapped within the tighly tucked sheets and no smell is able to escape. When your partner goes to get into bed, they untuck the sheets, thus allowing the trapped stench of death to escape into the fresh air and blast them in the face.
"I really dont want to sleepover David's. I heard that every tme he has a new girl sleep at his place he surpises them before bed with a backdraft." -Randon Chick
#fart box #crop dusting #suana #stink box #clean sheets
by BigCat45 May 19, 2010
An explosive surge in a fire produced by the sudden mixing of air with other combustible gases. This is caused by a condition in a fire where oxygen is depleted and the fire dies down until a door is opened and the fire flares violently from the sudden intake of oxygen. Backdraft can be described as a small explosion.
The most common tactic used by firefighters in defusing a potential backdraft is to ventilate from the highest point, allowing the heat and smoke to escape without igniting explosively.
#flashover #firefighter #fire #explosion #combustion
by Ryan Carpenter October 14, 2006
The odor cloud that hits an unsuspecting person when they open their office door after a co-worker has farted in it.
"I now always stick my nose under my office door and check the air, as to avoid being the victim of a backdraft."
#fart #office #humor #prank #fire #safety
by Scullnick March 14, 2012
When after a long fart your boxer shorts get sucked back up your ass
After I ate tacos I farted so bad my shorts back drafted up my ass
#fart #boxers #back draft #ass #wegie
by Jb9231 February 26, 2011
Upon withdraw from the anus after ejaculating in the rectum during the act of anal sex the receiver passes gas ejecting the contents of the rectum (ie. seamen santorum blood ect.) back on to the pitcher. This term can be applied to both a Homosexual or Heterosexual act.
My woman gave me the Back Draft last night. When i finished blasting her in the ass.
#anal sex #butt sex #backdraft #back draft #santorum #pitcher #receiver
by Chris FitchX January 08, 2010
When people with convertibles put their tops down when the weather is 50 degrees or higher with the windows up
Hey check out that dumbass back draft at the light.
#cars #convertibles #tops #summer #tops down
by Latin Luva March 28, 2008
When smoking marijuana, a person can take a hit too deep, which burns the back of their throat. They then hold their chin against their chest, thus holding the burning sensation down. Eventually this sensation seems to "burn itself out," like a real fire deprived of oxygen. However, also similar to real fire, when you raise your head and open a passage for air, the burning "flares up," like real backdraft.
Since it's mainly visual, see the movie "Backdraft" for a good example of real backdraft, then imagine inhaling that.
by Xofer January 08, 2005
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