taking or swooping up a another guy or girls main.
Nana-man i wonder what happen to that girl bre i used to talk to

Zekiah-Nana i'm sorry but i had to backdoor you on that one
by Nana Ankamah July 15, 2008
A piece of code built into software which allows it's creator entry. This type of system is usually unneccecary, but has two main reasons.

1. To automatically create an account with full priviledges that is hidden from the user(s) of the program, so any time they get locked out the creator can log in and solve the prblem for them (a maintenance account)
2. as above, but with ulterior motives. See spyware
3. As above, but because the software is not designed for used by it's creator.

Particularly common in movies about or involving computer hacking.
1. "The user had forgotten his password, so I had to use the backdoor and create him a clean account."

2. "The moron downloaded the program and now I'm watching his every move through the backdoor!"

3. "I was designing a new piece of control software for NASA, but I threw in an emergency backdoor as a precaution."
by Andrew Kismet February 16, 2004
when a bird gets it up tha shit piece
mike: wot u do last night Tisso?
Tisso: I kicked Gemma's back doors in!
by ZOE July 10, 2003
The term called to receive the first passing of the marijuana pipe when the bowl is being loaded(The loader of the bowl is often received greens, or first hit).

"Let me get backdoor on that shit, I haven't smoked in a week."
by tatius February 17, 2007
In League Of Legends , it means you siege unguarded enemy turrets while your team is fighting the other team elsewhere.
Tryndamere, backdoor top lane while we hold mid.
by Hydrotics September 02, 2013
a word to describe cheap but dangerous medical procedures usually done in secret and often by an unlicensed surgeon
"We have a recent rectangular transection on the left occipital, some kind of back-door brain surgery"
-Dr. Heffner at Jigsaw's autopsy, Saw 4

Did you hear of the guy who died during a cheap, back-door liposuction? that surgeon didn't even have a license!
by butterfly on the wall August 06, 2009
1. dishonest, dubious

2. the anus
They were allegedly running a back door business.
by Light Joker January 28, 2006
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