1. An ass.
2. To have anal sex.
3. To fall asleep with someone's face next to your bare ass.
1. Wow, that is one back door I want to grab.
2. We went back to his apartment and he back doored me.
3. I woke up to realize we had been back dooring it all night.
by HoserHoe November 11, 2004
When smoking weed one calls back door and after the person loading the bowl takes his/her first hit the person who calls back door gets next hit, and the rotation goes from there.
Person 1: I call back door.
Person 2: No I already called back door when we were in the car. :]
Person 1: Awww fuck.
by Emphazima November 15, 2007
1. while freestylin with your homies and you boi falls off you continue from where he left off..thus back door

2. when you or sombody go right behind sombody else back and holla at there girl
maan dat negro just back doored me on the slide
by skylar April 25, 2004
when a girl gets fingered by a guy
hey girl i backdoored with chris lastnight and it was fuckin awesome
by grwvgrdsw July 07, 2005
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