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A lighting effect, created by illuminating an opaque object from the rear, causing a glow around the edges.
Most Lord & Taylor signs are back lit.
by Lexicon Master November 14, 2003
to be lit from behind. As to cuase a shadow over ones face.
"I was gonna take picture of my GF posing on my R1, but she was back lit so I came out poorly*
by someone November 15, 2003
Lit from behind
THe GBA's screen was not back lit
by hooligan333 November 14, 2003
lit from behind, duh
my cell phone is back lit so i can use it in the dark
by mattyo November 14, 2003
what scrooge says when asked by his wife for foreplay
please will you go down on me mr scrooge - "baaaclit"
by geoff November 13, 2003