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The ultimate state of drunkenness. Once in this stage, a person is either Tucker Max or dead. This state was first achieved by one Tucker Max, and is self-named. Further exploits can be found at www.tuckermax.com
He got Tucker Max drunk and went on a rampage of insults and destruction of furniture.
by hooligan333 November 01, 2003
Ridiculously warm. 100 degrees F or more
It's hot as hell in florida.
by hooligan333 November 14, 2003
Spanish for 'sugar'
Azucar es muy bueno!
by hooligan333 November 14, 2003
OMG! The GameFAQs mod that murdered the math. Because of his murder, 1.99~ =/= 2

Math Murderer modded me.
by hooligan333 December 16, 2003
Lit from behind
THe GBA's screen was not back lit
by hooligan333 November 14, 2003
1. God's manifestation on the internet
2. An egocentric bastard
1. I worship the web pages that hooligan333 has visited.

2. Man, he's such a hooligan333
by hooligan333 November 01, 2003
In dating, the act of oral sex on a woman
Due, I got to 3rd base with my girlfried last night!
by hooligan333 October 06, 2003

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