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found relatively common in rural areas, mainly around southeast Indiana (especially in towns such as Batesville and Brookville), "backroading" is a term used for driving around in an automobile consuming large quantities of alcohol without a designated driver.
"There was nothing going on last night so we just went backroading all night."

"The party didn't start until ten so we just backroaded until it did."
by Flintstone3 April 03, 2007
123 18
driving around on back roads (gravel or dirt) while getting high or drunk. (see gravel roading)
Hey guys, I'm really bored. Let's go back roading!
by Emily December 29, 2004
39 8
The act of driving down country roads(usually), stealing various signs, smashing mailboxes, and other various forms of criminal mischief while avoding getting caught by the local sheriff/police and residents.
Hey me and Jim are going to go back roading and smash some shit, wanna go?
by someknowmeasBob January 28, 2007
11 15