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The back fat directly behind the titties on an obese woman, her back tits.
"OMG look at that back rack, thats disgusting, its coming after me!"
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When the fat on a woman's back resembles a pair of breasts.
when stuffed into a tight bra, or overflowing out of a low cut dress...
by floyd January 02, 2004
When overly obese women have what appears to be another set of tits on their back.
Mike : Did you see how fat that girl is ?
Adam : Yeah she must have like a size 36C back rack attached
by Colonel Yetuson April 04, 2009
Fat deposition resembling that of a female bosom located on the back of male or female subjects. Usually occurring in pairs, they lack an areola, nipple and are incapable of lactating except in a rare condition called Conditional Lactare Obesus Perspiration aka the CLOP. see CLOP for more information.
Person 1: "She's so fine, look at that Backrack."
Person 2: "Sorry man, look like she got the CLOP!"
by beeftits August 02, 2011

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