To pay little or no attention to your alcoholic beverage, letting it sit idle, while you pretend to nurse it.
Hey Nick, you getting paid to babysit that beer? Need a nipple?
by Walker Kellogg July 25, 2005
Top Definition
When one you and a some friends go out clubbin'and one of them ends up getting S#!T faced and you end up watching them all night; cleaning up their puke, keeping them from hooking up with nasty people/fighting people, helping them walk/up when they fall-thus ruining your entire evening and resluting in you not having any fun.
"We went out of town this weekend, and we ended up babysitting Carol."
by Me Ahna July 08, 2005
To hold the blunt for much longer than necessary. After being caught babysitting, babysitters almost always take an additional hit before passing.
1: How much do they pay you to babysit that blunt?
2: 7.50 an hour.
by Hof August 28, 2005
Babysitting is something you do on date night because you have no date and need money, so you watch bratty kids, get payed 7 bucks a hour,clean up messes, and forced to watch the Sponge Bob Square Pants movie over and over and over again
babysit-the only thing beside a fast food place you can work at.
by Nicole Relles September 27, 2005
To watch your friend while they are wasted out of their mind and don't know what's going on.
"Dude, when you took those 69 hits of acid i had to babysit you for a week. You were out of your mind. I strapped you to the bed to keep you from running out into the street naked and killing the neighbors kids."
The above is a very extreme example of druggy babysitting.

The below is a more average level of babysitting....
When he went into the K-Hole it was up to his friends to babysit him and keep him from swallowing his tounge, vomit, and that he doesn't have snot all over his face.
by RealityGone July 08, 2005
1. To watch annoying little kids all night.

2. Holding onto a blunt or any other form of weed for too long, thereby pissing off anyone else u are smoking with.

1. Damn these annoying little kids.

2. Hey mista babysitta is u ever gonna pass it? The blunts goin out will u look at all them ashes. Hey over here im open, pass the blunt.
by Erik biatch October 06, 2006
the designated babysitter, also the designated driver. the one in the group who doesnt drink and makes sure the rest of the group is not killing eachother or anyone else.
person 1"hey you coming to *said person*'s party on friday?
person 2"yea sure i'll babysit you guys"
by FaerieGirl September 06, 2005
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