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The period before the baby is born. Like a hunnymoon, because after the baby is born the mother will not get to do the same things due to the responcibilty of having a baby.
The couple took a trip to the casino for their babymoon, because once they had the baby they would not be able to for a long time.
by TonyMichigan June 20, 2007
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Supplement to the honeymoon and baby shower. Mandatory vacation for both parents before the live birth of a child. Maybe a weekend, maybe a week. Requires the male end of conception to pay for all expenses out of his pocket. Travel, lodging, preferably at a seaside hotel, and gifts (to the mother to be, not the baby,) are an absolute necessity. Eases away the stress and woe of pregnancy.
Preggers Newlywed: I've just found out. A week after the honeymoon, I'm 4 weeks prganant! Can you believe? Time to plan a baby moon!
by dustruffle April 03, 2008
Going on vacation before the baby arrives
They are going on a baby moon to key west
by PineappleJuice March 09, 2015
A new, douchey, word created by women that refers to a vacation before an expecting child is born. Also can be used to impose loads of guilt on a man forcing them to take their wife/girlfriend on a cheesey couples vacation.
I want a babymoon or I will never spread again!

If we don't go on a babymoon, I will pout and probably shit on the carpet.

My friends all went on a babymoon and they had a blast being douchey as a couple.
by frizzooooo March 31, 2012
When a baby comes out ass first and you see a butt in a vagina.
1-Doctor: Uh oh! The baby is not crowning! Looks like we've got Babymoon!

2-Person: You're doing backwards you stupid Babymoon
by WASWARE March 05, 2011
(like honeymoon) the period after a woman has a baby, in which time she is free to lie around in her pyjamas for weeks, even months on end.
Mary's baby was born 4 weeks ago, she is having a lovely babymoon, nursing and bleeding like a stuck pig.
by Karen Rani November 30, 2005

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