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when you try to grease down the fine hair that's not as long as your natural hair mostly ghetto people do this so dont do baby hair
ghetto hoochie mama with baby hair
omg, i'm gonna grease my baby hair for the party tonight and i'm gonna work every guy there
by katie magana January 22, 2009
baby hairs are those tiny little pieces of hair that girls usually have sticking up after they straighten their hair. They're super annoying and really ugly.
"Jayde, look at that girls baby hairs, they're so ugly"
by kratelin weshotails January 15, 2010
Curly blondish hair on a male. Is usually short, and is reffered to as baby hair mainly because of the sort of "cupid" look it gives off.
"so you know Nathan likes you"

"eww, he has like... baby hair"

"yeah i know what you mean"
by some person 47 January 17, 2010

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