Bab is a term used to teach babies to go potty for a number two. It is a fairly easy word for them to say.
Mummy i need a baba.
by Jerry Tomtom September 28, 2005
A baby who hasn't got a full vocabulary
That poor bab, he can't speak proper
by A person September 14, 2004
acronym for " being a bust"
usually used as an adjective: babby
as in,
1. "Dude, was the club bumpin? No dude, it was kinda was a sausage fest."
by cochese May 13, 2003
pussy, vagina, cooter
that foo ray be gettin a gang of bab.
by fotweny November 18, 2004
Chick magnet punk that rides a red 400ex
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
Nothing , zero etc.
` Hey man , how much money you got?"
" bab."


" hey how was school today?"
" bab,,,"
by Katje July 10, 2008
beautiful articulate babe
I was walking around town yesterday and I met a bab
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005

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