Is the typical sexy cod player who likes curry and spends like more than 1000 hours playing each cod and enjoys actin like a racist. They reached the top of their careers with mw2, thou they will waste the money in blackops and any new cod.
Theres an upcomin artisitc gaming movement called "Baberism"
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: Wassup Baber
Baber: Hi ma sexy n*gger
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: Wanna go play some cod or tf2?
Baber: nah cba, ima cookin some curry atm
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: coool, i'm eatin some kebab atm
by I'm the king of burger king October 10, 2010
Top Definition
something that you would call your boyfriend or gurlfriend.
Hey babers whats up?
by Angel B April 29, 2005
A really goodlooking and sweet guy or girl.
He is such a baber.
by Mary-Ann May 11, 2003
another form of babe
hey baber!
by lauren May 24, 2004
to be more babe-like than another, or in other words, MEGA-babe.
Alli is definitely a baber!
by gurrvy December 14, 2010
A young girl that often intimidates her peers with sexual come-ons. To loud for her own good. she wishes to be a bully. Too short to do anything.
Random Person: BABER SHUT UP and get your boobs off me.
Rachel: IM A BULLY!
by RangerBob February 22, 2012
One who is loud, giddy, hyper, joyful, or a combanation of the above said
Man, that girl sure is a 'babers.' She must be on prozac or something
by TheG0BLIN March 23, 2008
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