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Is the typical sexy cod player who likes curry and spends like more than 1000 hours playing each cod and enjoys actin like a racist. They reached the top of their careers with mw2, thou they will waste the money in blackops and any new cod.
Theres an upcomin artisitc gaming movement called "Baberism"
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: Wassup Baber
Baber: Hi ma sexy n*gger
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: Wanna go play some cod or tf2?
Baber: nah cba, ima cookin some curry atm
^3.::.^2|^7^0SP|^pakz0r: coool, i'm eatin some kebab atm
by I'm the king of burger king October 10, 2010
something that you would call your boyfriend or gurlfriend.
Hey babers whats up?
by Angel B April 29, 2005
A really goodlooking and sweet guy or girl.
He is such a baber.
by Mary-Ann May 11, 2003
another form of babe
hey baber!
by lauren May 24, 2004
A young girl that often intimidates her peers with sexual come-ons. To loud for her own good. she wishes to be a bully. Too short to do anything.
Random Person: BABER SHUT UP and get your boobs off me.
Rachel: IM A BULLY!
by RangerBob February 22, 2012
to be more babe-like than another, or in other words, MEGA-babe.
Alli is definitely a baber!
by gurrvy December 14, 2010
Text typo for babe
I love you baber
by x3medude October 10, 2010
Verb) To Baber: When one man seduces another, then when it is time to switch positions, says " I have a girlfriend, no thanks." and then leaves without providing his partner with a sexual release.
Noun) A Baber: A homosexual male who closets himself by being a hateful gay basher.
Adjective) Baberific: 1)When something requires a lot of work, but has very little or no reward. 2) When something is obnoxious, arrogant, offensive, unpleasant, ungrateful, deceitful or secretly self-loathing.
Verb "So after he got head from that dude and it was his turn to suck, he pulled a Baber and vamped out."
Noun "Have you ever noticed how many anti-gay politicians are really Babers?"
Adjective) 1)"I was excited this year, but Denver's new head coach led them to a Baberific season." 2) Pauley Shore
by Sgt.Angrybottom December 07, 2010