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When your wife, girlfriend, lover, partner, etc. leaves on a very much needed vacation.
Cree: "Is that you?"
Mary: "Yes."
Cree: "I gotta get outta here." "Jethro's driving me crazy."
"I need a vacation bad.
Mary: "Uh oh." "A babecation?"
Cree: "You got it." "Hurry, come now n' git me."
by jethro jones August 25, 2012
a period of deliberate romantic and sexual non-involvement. This may be a time to focus on economic, educational or emotional health.

May be expressed with or without preceding 'a' (either is correct).
total hottie "Hey do you want to go on a date?"
me "You're gorgeous and that's flattering, but I'm on babecation right now. Sorry."

cutie "Can we hook up tonight?"
me "Aww, thank you, but no. I'm on a babecation."
by findingjester April 08, 2012