something guys call you so you'll fuck them
Johnny: You getting down on Lily?
Brad: Chyaah brah! I called her babe.
Johnny: Fuck, I'm jealous.
by defensee1 August 30, 2011
Plural of 'baba' in romanian and not an attractive young woman,but an old ugly one.
John:Look at that romanian babe!
Ionica:Ce ba esti nebun,aia nu-i baba!
by Dickin A. Round March 23, 2011
Babe- noun: If a girl has a babe, she has a girlfriend. Not a lezzi bezz, a proper girlfriend.
Santana and britney were lezzie bezzies, until suntan realised she wanted Britney to be her babe.
by theheartattack November 03, 2011
a word commonly used to describe a very hot/sexy boy! it was earlier used to describe girls but times have moved and it now is used to describe boys
wow, have you seen taylor lautner recently? he is a BABE
by sexycanijustpardon August 28, 2010
An endearing term; can be used for lovers AND friends.
(Especially with BFFs like Remi and Marisa)
Remi: Ciao, babe! See you tomorrow!
Marisa: Eww, you sound like a beatnik! And don't call me a baby !
Remi: No, I said 'babe'!
Marisa: Oh, okay. That makes sense! See ya babe!
by MeowThisLeo February 17, 2010
a movie about a pig who talks
last night when i was babysitting we watched babe.
by katie April 14, 2005
A term used by a guy who is seeing more than one girl, so he doesnt confuse their names.

guy- Hey babe
Girl 1- Hi jack

Guy- babe wanna do something tonight?
Girl 2- Sure jack

by Music_Nerd September 30, 2009

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