the act of sleeping back to back, usually with someone who wants the comforts of a bed but doesn't want to bang you.
"Man, I really don't want to share a bed with Bryant, but b2b is better than the futon."
by bryantsunnyrenee November 06, 2009
Top Definition
Short for back to back.

1) Two DJs playing together. While one DJ is spinning a record, the other one is picking a new track. As they normally store their records behind them this usually makes the DJs face backwards on each other.

2) Business to business - there are two parties involved in financial or business transactions, traditionally sales of goods or services.
1) "The DJs at Intents Festival were amazing, especially Adaro b2b with Ran-D!"
2) "The local shop does business in b2b markets."
by R0DR1G0 June 01, 2013
When two men masturbate back to back.
"Hey Feta want to come over to my house for a sleepover? We can B2B," said Tim.
by mlf69247 September 05, 2013
boner to boner; penis to penis; homoghey to homoghey
I walked in and caught Jiffy and Medi b2b so I handed them a funnel and let the sheep back outside.
by sallem March 30, 2005
Business to Business. As in, the two parties involved in financial or business transactions, traditionally sales of goods or services.

contrast to: b2c, c2c
The Microsoft corporation does business in both b2b and b2c markets. Sun Micrososytems and Oracle (both floundering next to Microsoft) are primarily b2b focussed. While Ebay's business is mostly b2c (between Ebay the company and their users), the business they enable with their service is almost all c2c, between one user and another.
by EAHIV June 10, 2004
Body to Body : As in while giving a massage to one's sexual partner, one can touch his/her body and rub the oil between them.
My girlfriend gave me a b2b massage. Man it was frickin awesome.

My gf and i were dancing b2b on the dance floor.
by DarkScribe May 06, 2013
Boy To Biatch
When an adolescent boy comes of age, Shrek flies into his bedroom in the middle of the night and shows him love up the anoos, long dick style. If the boy finds that he likes it... then hes gone B2B, or he's transitioned from Boy To Biatch
by BloodSukka August 08, 2015
Business to business. See also, b2c and c2c.
Marketing one's business to other businesses, rather than to consumers in general.
by Downstrike June 07, 2004
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