Business to business (sales).
This is typically an Internet marketing/Techno Sales term.

Sorry this definition isn't more sexy...
Company X is going live with their b2b project.
by Jeff Lebowski June 10, 2004
back to black
new thing sweeping country
'what do yoo class yourself as?'
'i iz part of da b2b innit'
by erm... June 17, 2007
Back 2 Business
Used in IMing
Well I better get b2b or my boss mught catch me iming on company time.
by g2ta September 01, 2004
Boy To Biatch
When an adolescent boy comes of age, Shrek flies into his bedroom in the middle of the night and shows him love up the anoos, long dick style. If the boy finds that he likes it... then hes gone B2B, or he's transitioned from Boy To Biatch
by BloodSukka August 08, 2015

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