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pinch or wad of smokeless tobacco wrapped or unwrapped in toilet paper and lodged into anus to catch a buzz
yogi: hey bill are you gonna throw in a lipper
Bill: Nah guy i already got one slipped up by buthole
Yogi: so its a dece b-hole lipper

Bill: obviously guy, this shit is effin me up, and sittin real dece
by marqueef August 20, 2009
a wad or big handfull of smokeless tobacco wrapped in a piece of toilet paper like a dubbie then shove into the buthole about two knucks deep
yogi: hey bill you gonna toss a lipper in

Bill: Nah guy i just shoved a bhole lipper in two knucks deep

Yogi: Oh how is that sittin in your bhole
Bill: ITs sitting real dece i love a dece bhole lipper, and after i throw it in two knucks deep i like to smell my poop of my finger
Yogi: how you planning on getting that out
BIll: ahhh il just shit her out later
by mike kroch August 20, 2009
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