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It's a thumbs up... Normally expressing you like something...
"OMG did you like that movie you saw yesterday?"

"Yes, it was amazing b(^_^)d "
#good #fun #cool #great #amazing
by I Bird I July 11, 2006
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The thumbs up smiley not to be confused with -_-b this miley can have various variations such as b-^_^- b^_^ (nice guy poes) and ^_^d for lefties! lol
Bob: Hey Jim! Hoe's It going?

Jim: Awesome! b^_^d

Example 2

Bill: save me!!!!!!!!

Superspiderthing: b^_^ no problem!!!!!!
#thumbs #up #smiley #anime #nice #guy
by Deidara & Lee October 06, 2007
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