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Dalal is an abstract noun, and a modern arabic female name.
The english translation is close to pampering, lavishness and indulgence
Dalal is a very beautiful girl <3
by IraQiBlo0d October 14, 2007
A middleman or a pimp.
I bought a house and had to pay a lot of money to the dalal
by Abhishek Khanna September 05, 2003
A smelly brand of marijuana, coming straight from the heart of India. Its taste and smell is comparable to elephant feces. The Dalal marijuana also has long hairs which grow out of it, which resemble pubic hairs. It is one of the least used strains of marijuana on the planet.
I heard India has some really sick dank, but all I got was this Dalal garbage. It smelled like shit through a goddamn dime-bag.
by nshmaster November 26, 2009
the person who does not have his own lal i.e beta.
Arvind is a poor dalal.
by Sree Kumar Devaraj September 10, 2003
Someone who is Gay
Dalal's like it in the ass
by Keenan Dalal December 09, 2003
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