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yeahhh. phrase in a ying yang twins song: ain't no kool-aid in my cupp ayyup.
rick: whachu drinkin son?
danny: grey goose ayyup!
by sweaty betsy October 14, 2006
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ayy-up / ayy up / ayy up / ayy-up / ayy up? British{?} Coloquial, relaxed greeting; can be synonymous with "what's up?", "'ite?" (although the latter strichtly means an abbriviation of "alright?")

Ayy up, mate?
by chompychimp November 18, 2009
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The noise that people in Britain make when they hear an innuendo. Usually used to signal that the user has identified an unintentional innuendo, but can be used for intentional innuendos too. Sometimes followed by "Neave".
Friend 1: *Pushes Friend 2 into pool.*
Friend 2: *Gets out of pool.* You got me so wet!
Friend 3: Ayyup!
by Elppir July 28, 2015
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