Top Definition
pretty gorgeous cute funny loves sports always happy makes others happpy shes
kind, loving, loves to dance always cheering others up shes smart always makes the day better anyone would be lucky to have an aylin in there life
aylin :)
by jimmy_rios February 26, 2013
a very pretty girl that i love soo much
aiden loves aylin more than she loves aiden:P
by aiiDz October 07, 2008
The love of Zeek's life.
Meet an Aylin at high altitude and she'll make you sick to your stomach for four to five years too.
by jewmendoorah May 14, 2012
she is a stanky ass hoe who loves to suck dick. She is pretty dumb and doesn't take showers. She also need to brush her hair like its nappy as fuck
"Oh did you see Aylin today? She looks like a rat!"
by kawaiibadbitch May 30, 2016
smalll bogan midget person
man check out that aylin over there, what is she 4 foot?
by gooose45 May 14, 2015
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