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An Indian male name, given usually to boys in upper middle class families. Indian guys named Ayan are usually nice and polite with an innate ability to disarm you with their down-to-earth nature. They are also cool to hang out with.
Student 1: That new Indian guy is so nice and polite and so down-to-earth, unlike the rest.
Student 2: Who Ayan?
Student 1: Yeah, him. Bet he'd be real cool to hang out with.
Student 2: Absolutely.
by Sturmgewehr February 16, 2013
This is a common girl's name in the east African country of Somalia. This is known as the "Jessica and Jennifer" of Somalia for its popularity. It has been said there is someone named Ayan in every Somalian family.
Oh her name is Ayan? She must be Somalian!
by A.Fresh June 28, 2009
A chill and funny blunt muslimah name. commonly used in the Somali culture. Meaning in Somali is lucky. But Ayana is a commonly used Arab name meaning the days
Guy: Hey do you now ayan
Girl: Yeah that rude Somali chick
by Lifes Meaning May 26, 2014