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A method for discussing the width of a girl's ass without her knowledge. Ass width measured by how many ax handles, laid horizontally, would constitute the diameter of her rear end.
Is she cute?
No man, she's at least 2 ax handles
by Lou Stenspayce October 16, 2004

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axe handle
a large, log-like piece of feces. axe handle however, unlike log, is reserved for only the largest defecatory specimens.
"i shat an axe handle last night and after i stood up i noticed it started in the hole and rose all the way above the toilet seat. i took a polaroid too, look."
by ryan ingersol March 07, 2005
To acquire the least of; pleading loss of; ignorance or absence of duty
Well I'm afraid I'm going to have to take the axe handle on this one.
by Zach April 13, 2004