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3 definitions by Iggy6471

When you crap so hard and so fast, it feels like actual pieces of wood are coming out of your ass.
"I really need to cut down on the drinking. I swear to God I shit flying axe handles this morning."
by Iggy6471 February 03, 2009
A particularly large vagina resembling a handbag or a briefcase.
"Oh my God. Did you see the snatchal on Susan? She must be carrying everything she owns in there!"
by iggy6471 June 30, 2009
Someone who pisses you off when they jump a line. Not gender specific.
"There I was, lined up for the can, and this cunny hopper came out of nowhere and butted in front of me. Arsehole!"
by Iggy6471 October 12, 2008