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When two people are hugging and a third person comes up and hugs one of them from behind, pressing their crotch up against the person's ass, thus making an awkward sandwich.
"Hey Madi."
"Oh, hey, Kayla."
They hug each other. Hunter comes up and hugs Madi from behind and whispers, "Awkward Sandwich."
by chexxmix August 28, 2010
When you are in between two people who both commence in an embarrassing act and you do not partake, thus making you (and possibly the other people at the scene) feel super awkward.
So the other day I was carpooling with some new people and I was smashed in the backseat when their group song came on the radio, so they started dancing and singing like crazy and I got stuck in an awkward sandwich.
by hootowl18 February 17, 2011